Dec 2016

Mississippi’s Hidden Industry

Look closely and you’ll see a flourishing industry hiding in plain sight. Mississippi is home to quite a few enterprising outdoor companies specializing in camouflage design and merchandising. An outdoorsman’s paradise, Mississippi provides visitors and locals alike generous hunting seasons and bag limits with more than 1,000 square miles of public hunting lands. With numerous […]

Mississippi has a wealth of resources focused on advanced materials

Mississippi has a broad and diverse range of resources and capabilities in advanced manufacturing and advanced materials, from the research efforts underway at the state’s universities to advanced manufacturing businesses utilizing advanced materials. Advanced materials provide improved physical properties and capabilities as compared to those offered by standard materials. Materials in this group include special […]

CAVS Extension Impacting Mississippi and Manufacturing

Mississippi State University’s CAVS Extension has a passion for Mississippi and for manufacturing. The purpose of this blog is to introduce our engineering outreach center, located in Canton, Miss. In the last 12 years, our center has worked successfully with more than 150 companies around the state. Our programs, while focused on the needs of […]

MSU Leading the New Frontier in Unmanned Systems

In the early days of aviation, the goal of flight was simply to go higher and farther – and land safely. Today, that goal has expanded exponentially to reach new frontiers in both manned and unmanned flight. In fact, the development and refinement of unmanned aircraft systems has reached a critical juncture, and Mississippi is […]

Airbus Helicopters Soar in Mississippi

In October 2006, Airbus Helicopters – then known as Eurocopter-Mississippi – expanded its operations in Columbus, Mississippi, to accommodate a contract with the U.S. Army, which called for 350 of the Army’s signature UH-72A Lakota helicopters. In a very short period of time, we had to hire new staff, build a facility to house the […]

Mississippi: The New Health Care Leader?

State’s Telehealth Program Becomes International Blueprint A global eye is on Mississippi’s innovative health care model. Numerous states and countries have turned to Mississippi, which has one of the largest and longest standing statewide telehealth programs, for advice and guidance on how to set up a sustainable program. In a state with numerous health care […]

Mississippi: A Reliable Energy State

When making substantial investments in new production or distribution facilities, companies must take a multi-decade view. The world is ever-changing due to technology development, emerging economies and politics, which cause uncertainty for future planning. So naturally, investors are attracted to areas with some predictability, perceived stability and resource reliability. Mississippi, as a reliable energy state, […]

Health Care Industry Zone Act

Today’s health care industry offers an enormous economic development opportunity in Mississippi. The health care industry as a whole no longer simply refers to doctors, nurses, hospitals and patients. Like all thriving industries, health care has embraced technological advances to the benefit of patients and hospital and clinic workers everywhere. The industry now includes research […]

Entergy announces new Transmission Operations Center in Capital City

From: Entergy Mississippi (November 11, 2014) New centralized location represents $23-million investment, houses up to 70 employees JACKSON, Miss. – Entergy is breaking ground on a new $23-million Transmission Operations Center in Jackson that will be one of two twin centers in the corporation’s four-state service area. The 24,775-square-foot building will be a “nerve center” […]
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