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Mississippi’s network of 15 community and junior colleges provides essential support to Mississippi’s citizens and its employers through a wide spectrum of education and training programs. Many of these programs provide opportunities for individuals to earn national industry certifications and/or licensure. Categories of training available include:


The Workforce Enhancement Training (WET) Fund, established by the Mississippi Legislature in 2004, enables community colleges to partner with companies in developing a skilled, productive workforce at a greatly reduced cost. Through the use of these funds, community colleges can work with business and industry to design and implement a customized job-training program that meets specific personnel needs, including:


The community colleges also oversee Mississippi’s Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) program, which determines a job seeker’s ability in three main skills: reading for information, locating information and applied math. The ACT, through its WorkKeys® Occupational Profile Database, selected these skills as important for more than 85% of jobs across all industries. Through the CRC, employers can identify individuals best suited for their available jobs. Each individual has the opportunity to earn one of four levels of Career Readiness Certification: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Each certification tells what percentage of jobs in the database an individual is qualified to do, ranging from 30% for bronze certificate holders to 99% for those with a platinum-level certificate.