Economic Development Grants

The Mississippi Development Authority offers a number of grant and loan programs designed to assist businesses in creating jobs and making capital investments in the state. As you continue with your site selection process or contemplate an expansion at an existing facility, please contact MDA. The agency stands ready to assist you throughout this process and can provide you with more detailed information on available assistance that can help meet your project’s specific requirements.

Development Infrastructure Program Grant

The Development Infrastructure Grant Program (DIP) provides grants to municipalities and counties to finance public infrastructure projects that promote economic growth throughout the state.   Usage of the funds must be directly related to the construction, renovation or expansion of industry, and municipalities and counties must apply for DIP funding on behalf of a new or expanded industry based on the public infrastructure needs of the project.

Economic Development Highway Grant

The Economic Development Highway (EDH) Grant Program provides funding to municipalities and counties to support the construction or improvement of highways in areas that demonstrate immediate potential to attract or expand major industries or other significant development. Designed to encourage job creation and private investment in the state, the program requires a typical private investment of $70 million.

Job Training Grant

Companies locating or expanding in Mississippi that are eligible for the state’s Jobs Tax Credit  may opt to either take that credit or monetize it to use for job training.  While eligible companies opt to monetize the credit, the State provides Job Training Grants to a community or junior college, university, or Workforce Investment Area in Mississippi to pay costs incurred in training or retraining that company’s employees.

Job Protection Grant

The Job Protection Grant Program provides funding to “at risk” industries in the state to assist them in retaining jobs and improving their productivity.  To be eligible, a business must have operated in the state for at least three years and have lost jobs or be at risk of losing jobs because such jobs have been relocated to industries in foreign countries.

Community Development Block Grant for Economic Development

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for Economic Development Program provides funding to municipalities and counties for publicly owned infrastructure projects to assist with the location, expansion or retention of businesses. CDBG Economic Development funds must be tied to job creation, and municipalities and counties must apply on behalf of a business locating or expanding in Mississippi.