The Entrepreneur Center @ MDA

The Entrepreneur Center @ MDA, a bureau within the Existing Industry and Business Division, provides financial, marketing, management, and technical assistance to new and existing small businesses. Services are offered at no charge to individuals interested in starting a new business or expanding an existing firm.

The Entrepreneur Center logo

General Business Assistance

  • Assist in developing business plans
  • Provide general start-up information
  • Provide information on licenses and permits
  • Counsel on business strategies
  • Analyze management strengths and weaknesses

Finance and Accounting

  • Recommend sources of capital for businesses
  • Assist with loan applications
  • Analyze financial statements
  • Assist with financial projections
  • Counsel on cash flow and working capital


  • Assist in identifying new markets
  • Identify potential customers
  • Assist in developing marketing plans
  • Advise on marketing strategies
  • Counsel on forecasting sales
  • Provide input on new product ideas

Retail Assistance

  • Assist retailers with store-specific issues including:
    • Planning
    • Store layout and design
    • Operations
    • Staffing and scheduling
    • Marketing
  • Counsel retailers on buying procedures, pricing, receivables/payables, management


“How to Start Your Own Small Business”
“Marketing Your Small Business”
“How to Design a Retail Store”
“How to Prepare for Trade Shows”
“Servicing Your Customers”