The Entrepreneur Center @ MDA

The Entrepreneur Center @ MDA is a bureau within the agency’s Minority & Small Business Division. For entrepreneurs seeking resources to start a new venture or for a seasoned business owner wishing to expand, The Entrepreneur Center is the “one-stop shop” for the Mississippi entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur Center logo

General Business Assistance

  • Assist in developing business plans
  • Provide general start-up information
  • Provide information on licenses and permits
  • Counsel on business strategies
  • Analyze management strengths and weaknesses

Finance and Accounting

  • Recommend sources of capital for businesses
  • Assist with loan applications
  • Analyze financial statements
  • Assist with financial projections
  • Counsel on cash flow and working capital


  • Assist in identifying new markets
  • Identify potential customers
  • Assist in developing marketing plans
  • Advise on marketing strategies
  • Counsel on forecasting sales
  • Provide input on new product ideas

Retail Assistance

  • Assist retailers with store-specific issues including:
    • Planning
    • Store layout and design
    • Operations
    • Staffing and scheduling
    • Marketing
  • Counsel retailers on buying procedures, pricing, receivables/payables, management


“How to Start Your Own Small Business”
“Marketing Your Small Business”
“How to Design a Retail Store”
“How to Prepare for Trade Shows”
“Servicing Your Customers”