State Energy Management Program

As required by statute, MDA’s Energy & Natural Resources Division (MDA-ENRD) facilitates the development and implementation of the State Energy Management Program (SEMP) for state-owned buildings and facilities. This program is designed to promote energy efficiency in state-owned facilities by providing resources for energy management coordinators to monitor energy consumption and plan energy efficiency projects.

State agencies are required by Mississippi law to report energy metrics to MDA-ENRD. Our Division is required under Mississippi Code Ann. §57-39-19 to serve as a clearinghouse for the utility cost and consumption data from all state agencies. To efficiently collect and analyze this data, MDA-ENRD uses a cloud-based energy data collection system.  All state agencies that provide consumption data to MDA have access to this online database which allows them to view and benchmark their energy consumption information. In addition to online video tutorials, MDA-ENRD provides in-person training opportunities for state agency personnel to gain experience in using the cloud-based platform.

The SEMP monthly newsletter makes it easy to submit agency data and also contains helpful energy savings tips along with information about upcoming events and webinars. Contact us at to subscribe to this newsletter.

Energy Management Plan Presentation

In 2013 the Mississippi Legislature enacted House Bill 1296, the Mississippi Energy Sustainability and Development Act, which requires state agencies to develop energy management plans, and report utility cost and consumption data to the Energy and Natural Resources Division.  The energy management plans and reporting requirements are designed to assist agencies with effectively managing building energy consumption and lowering costs.  MDA is tasked with evaluating the energy management plans of each state agency to fulfill the requirements of House Bill 1296.

For more information about the State Energy Management Program (SEMP), contact Energy and Natural Resources at 601.359.3449.