Energy Network Program

Mississippi Regional Middle School Science Bowl

To encourage student involvement in math and science, the Energy & Natural Resources Division partners with the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science to host the Mississippi Regional Middle School Science Bowl each year. Teams of students compete in a science quiz bowl and answer questions about life science, physical science, earth science, general science, and mathematics. The winning team progresses to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Science Bowl.

Mississippi’s Need Program

The Energy and Natural Resources Division works with the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) to provide energy education professional development activities and workshops for Mississippi educators as funds are available. Based in sound science education, NEED program materials and activities encourage critical thinking and cooperative learning among students and have been shown to improve test scores and develop leadership skills. Visit NEED or contact Lisa Campbell to find out more about this program.

Energy Day

Mississippi celebrates Energy Day each year in October as part of Energy Awareness Month. This annual event features innovative and interactive exhibits focused on energy resources, science, environmental awareness, and technology for students, educators, and consumers.

For more information about conferences and event coordination, October Energy Awareness Month, and energy education services, contact Lisa Campbell at 601.359.6641.