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Instructions and Policy Statement

CSD Instruction #19-001 Upcoming 2019 Due Dates
CSD Instruction #19-002 2019 CDBG Application Workshop
CSD Instruction #19-003 2019 Annual Action Plan Public Hearings
CSD Instruction #19-004 New Low-Moderate Income Summary Data
CSD Instruction #19-005 Amended States’s 2019 AAP Comment Period
CSD Instruction #19-006 2019 Fair Housing Month and Proclamation
CSD Instruction #19-007 Due Date for 2019 SMLPC Applications
CSD Instruction #19-008 RFC Between Two FYs
CSD Instruction #19-009 AI Public Comment 2019 (Draft).Review Meetings

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CDBG Public Facilities Information

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is awarded to local units of government in the State of Mississippi that show a genuine need for basic community services. Applications are taken one time a year and the process is very competitive.

The Community Development Bureau provides technical assistance throughout the grant process.




Small Municipalities & Limited Population Documents