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Instructions and Policy Statement

2017 Community Services Instructions

CSD Instruction #17-001 2017 Upcoming Due Dates
CSD Instruction #17-002 CDBG Application Workshop
CSD Instruction #17-003 State of MS 2017 One Year Plan Public Hearings
CSD Instruction #17-004 Draft Annual Action Plan Comment Period
CSD Instruction #17-005 Fair Housing Month & Heed Conference
CSD Instruction #17-006 MS Main Street Invest. Loan Fund
CSD Instruction #17-007 FY 2017 HUD Income Limits
CSD Instruction #17-008 Req for Cash Between FY 2017 and 2018

2017 Policy Statements

CSD Policy Statement #17-001 Labor Std Policy Requirements
CSD Policy Statement #17-002 DIP Maintenance Requirement
CSD Policy Statement #17-003 CDBG Job Creation Reporting Due Dates
CSD Policy Statement #17-004 Due Date for CDBG PF Matching Funds

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Mississippi Main Street Investment Revolving Loan Fund Program