Community Services Team

MDA’s Community Services Division administers financial and technical assistance programs that help sustain and prepare communities for growth. Through a number of grant and loan programs, the Community Services Division provides funding to communities for projects that improve the quality of life in their areas, support current economic development projects, and build capacity for future economic development projects, helping communities increase their competitiveness. Division main telephone: 601.359.3179 Fax: 601.359.3108 Email: The hearing impaired may contact the division at 601.359.3119 (TTY).

Name Phone Email
Steve Hardin Division Director 601.359.2366
Dianne Beckley Administrative Assistant 601.359.9322
Community Development Bureau

James “Tim” Mood

Bureau Manager 601.359.5756
Kristen Chancellor Program Manager 601.359.9490
Lisa Maxwell Program Manager 601.359.2498
April Smith Program Manager  601.359.2859
Katrina Smith Program Manager 601.359.9316
Shirley Thompson Program Manager 601.359.9312
Vacant Program Manager 601.359.9376
Vacant Program Manager 601.359.9336
Compliance Bureau
Ray Robinson Bureau Manager 601.359.9273
Tammie Lawrence Program Manager 601.359.9339
Frednia Perkins Program Manager 601.359.9324
Angela Reed Program Manager 601.359.2351
Vacant Program Manager
steve hardin

Steve Hardin

Director, Community Services