Business Development Team

The Business Development Team supports the state’s businesses through a variety of marketing, information, and technical assistance programs to our Mississippi industries.  This team recruits domestic and overseas companies to Mississippi and assists Mississippi’s existing businesses with their retention and expansion efforts.  Working closely with our economic developers throughout the state, the team helps companies identify and secure appropriate buildings, sites and locations.

Within this team, we have the Special Programs and Initiatives Team which provides support for special events, projects, and programs and coordinates special projects with other divisions and agency partners.  The main telephone number is 601.359.3593 or 800.360.3323, or Fax: 601.359.2116.

Name Telephone email
Mickey Milligan Chief Economic Development Officer 601.359.3040
Tracey Giles Deputy Chief of Economic Development 601.359.9342
Gena Lentz Director of Foreign Investment 601.359.2907
Mary Ann Myers Workforce Specialist 601.359.2677
Katherine Lanford Workforce Specialist 601.359.9513
Sandra Banyard Administrative Assistant 601.359.6602
Valerie Crout Manager, Special Programs 601.359.2939
Project Managers
Sara Doss Project Manager 601.359.1220
Ross Ivey Project Manager 601.359.2900
Daniel Lang Project Manager 601.359.1995
Thomas McElroy Project Manager 601.359.9278
Gabriella Nuzzo Project Manager 601.359.6645
Joey Roberts Project Manager 601.359.2374
Business Intelligence
Jeremy Russell Director of Research 601.359.2920
Maureen Murphy Research Specialist/Buildings & Sites 601.359.2844
Caleb Ross Research Specialist 601.359.2941
Deloise Tate Research Specialist/New & Expanded Industry Reports 601.359.2990