The Visit Mississippi Team

Visit Mississippi is the Tourism Division of the Mississippi Development Authority, and it serves as a guide to the tourism offerings found throughout the state. There are many great things to see and unique experiences to be had in Mississippi. From beaches to Blues to culinary arts, Mississippi offers something for every type of traveler.

Craig Ray Division Director 601.359.3438
Open Deputy Director
Yvonne Layton Administrative Assistant 601.359.2781
Tourism Development
Kamel King Bureau Manager 601.359.3599
Maggie Stevenson Tourism Development 601.359.6605
Laurin Paris Tourism Development 601.359.5750
Welcome Centers & Visitors Services Bureau
Marlon Ivy Bureau Manager 601.359.3129
Cheryl K. Eley Inquiry & Fulfillment 601.359.2579
Adam Collier Program Manager 601.359.3029
Tourism Trade Bureau
Rachel Obermeier Bureau Manager 601.359.3035
Michael Jones Outdoor & Agritourism 601-359-3603
Whitney Orr Meetings 601-359-3195
Karen Matlock Group Tour 601-359-3528
Katie DeMetz International 601-359-5754
Zach Holifield International 601-359-5754
Bevin Tyler Messer Golf & Outdoor 601.359.5752
Connie Cossar Group Tour/International 601.359.9262
Mississippi Film Office
Open Bureau Manager
Nina Parikh Film Program Manager 601.359.3034
Bill Webb Gulf Coast Film Program Manager 228.324.1870
Betty Black Associate Manager 601.359.6564
Thabi Moyo Production & Workforce Manager 601.359.3415
Meg Lake Special Projects & Advertising Manager 601.359.3422