Property Tax Exemption for Industrial
Revenue Bond Financing

An exemption from property taxes on land, building and equipment is available and is valid for up to 10 years on property purchased with industrial revenue bond proceeds from bonds issued by the Mississippi Business Finance Corporation (MBFC). 


A 10-year exemption from ad valorem taxes may be granted by local governing authorities on real and tangible property being used in the state that is purchased with bond proceeds from bonds issued by MBFC. The exemption may be granted for all local ad valorem taxes except school district taxes, but may not be granted on finished goods or rolling stock.

To apply, eligible companies should contact the county board of supervisors for an exemption from county millage and the municipal authorities for an exemption from city millage.

For more information related to the state’s industrial revenue bond process, please visit the MBFC’s website at

For further details, see the Mississippi Tax Incentives, Exemptions, and Credits on the Mississippi Department of Revenue website PDF icon, or Section 27-31-101 through 27-31-115, MS Code 1972, Annotated.