How to Start a Business

Have an idea to start your own business? Congratulations! Just know that you are not alone. In fact, statistics say that one out of every five people is thinking about starting a new business on any given day. That sounds exciting, but the reality is that of those people starting a business today, only 20% to 25% will still be in business five years from now.

Transforming your idea into a Successful business


MDA’s Entrepreneur Center team provides financial, marketing, management and technical assistance to entrepreneurs interested in starting a business. Our team of experienced small business consultants will assist you in analyzing your small business idea, your current situation and the dynamic business environment you are about to enter to help you find solutions to many of the most common business situations today. We have also created the Entrepreneur’s Tool Kit PDF icon to assist you in preparing to launch your small business with guides on:

Entrepreneur's Tool Kit PDF icon

Entrepreneur Tool Kit Guides

Entrepreneur's Toolkit

"Top 20 Most Asked Questions"

"Preparing a Business Plan"

"Reporting Requirements"

"Selective Business Financing Available"

"Business Resources" and much more


There is no cost for our services. Our purpose is to help you think through the process of small business ownership by posing some of the questions you need to address as you proceed in the creation of your small business. It just might save you some time – and money – in the start-up process. So, let’s get going.