Energy Services

Energy Services

MDA's Energy and Natural Resources Division works with state policymakers and other agency partners to develop and advance a comprehensive energy policy for Mississippi and ensure the state is positioned for energy sector growth. The division also oversees energy management programs for the state that aim to strengthen energy security and independence, economic competitiveness and environmental quality for the state and the nation.


The division provides technical assistance to private companies, state agencies and local governments to help them conserve energy, reduce their energy costs and improve their energy efficiency. The division also administers federal funding programs that help businesses make job-creating investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and help government entities reduce their energy costs.


The Energy and Natural Resources Division works with industry partners and other stakeholders to promote Mississippi as a prime location for energy-related businesses and to ensure the state is well-positioned for future growth. To this end, the division collects, analyzes and disseminates information on the state's energy resources and works with industry partners and other stakeholders to pursue initiatives that are critical to economic development in Mississippi now and in the years ahead.